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Calibre at the NHS

Designed for all NHS Disabled Staff 

Designed to be compatible with the new NHS Workforce Disability Equality Standard 


Calibre at North East London Foundation Trust

  • The Calibre programme has been run at North East London Foundation Trust every year since 2015.

  • It was the first NHS Foundation Trust to host Calibre and over 50 members of disabled staff have completed the programme. These include doctors, nurses, specialist clinicians and professional staff as well.

  • Not only has Calibre been beneficial to those member of staff, it has also benefited their managers, senior management and also the way in which disability is now understood at NELFT.

  • Calibre is now integral part of the training offer to disabled staff at North East London Foundation Trust.

  • If NHS foundation trusts like NELFT want to meet the needs of their disabled staff and see the improvements in their experience through the WDES. Then Calibre would be a key vehicle with which to meet their goals.

  • See the NELFT virtual programme here

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What has NELFT said about Calibre?

  • "Calibre is an amazing and affective programme. Ossie can run it here as long as he is able" (Bob Champion CEO)  

  • "I recall standing in front of 200+ GPs all I could remember as I heard my voice trembling from far, was that of Ossie's lecture about confidence and this took me to another place. I will always have Ossie's advice in my head from now on..." (Jennifer Tengur: Primary Care Mental Health)

  • "So today has really had a good impact. I don’t know about everyone else but I felt a bit vulnerable talking about something so personal but I’m pleased I did now. I hope you all feel the same. Thanks Dr Ossie for your support, I think they (Chief Exec Board) definitely see the value of Calibre." (Andrea Mackay: Senior Practice Improvement Practitioner)

  • "Hi Ossie ... this course and the project work has been a real journey not only for me but to open my eyes to the silent masses. Your help and support have been invaluable" (Karen Crowhurst: Medical Devices Administrator)


The WDES and Calibre

  • The Workforce Disability Equality Standard (WDES) is a data-based standard that uses ten Metrics to help improve the experiences of Disabled staff in the NHS.

  • The purpose of the WDES is to improve the experience of Disabled staff working in, and seeking employment in, the NHS by ensuring all NHS and Foundation Trusts publish the results of their Metrics, together with an action plan, outlining the steps the organisation will take to improve the experiences of Disabled staff.

  • Dr Ossie Stuart assisted NHS England with the design of the WDES and is ideally placed assist you to meet them through the Calibre Programme

  • As such, the Calibre programme, designed specifically with the WDES in mind, is the most effective way to improve the experience of disabled staff in the NHS, and so help every foundation trusts meet their objectives.


Why Calibre is a disability leadership programme

  1. When we think about leadership we ready think about disabled staff. Instead, we tend to think about senior leaders or people who aspirations to be a senior leader. We don't think about disabled staff that we perceive very different. This is a mistake.

  2. To understand disability in the workplace requires us to look at disabled staff differently too. They are certainly not victims of circumstances Beyond their control. Rather, they are the key actors who can affect change to improve the working world for everyone in the foundation trust.

  3. For disabled staff to do this requires all the skills we commonly associate with leadership. These are vision, an understand power, influence, persuasion and empathy.

  4. Disabled staff who attend Calibre are taught to understand the importance of leadership and how it is intrinsic to obtaining the changes they need to be effective workers.

  5. This is why leadership is relevant to all disabled staff. Yes, some will go on to improve their careers and even become senior leaders. However, all disabled staff need to be leaders regardless of the position they are within the Trust. 

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Your Questions

  • How much does Calibre Cost?

  • Can we have our own bespoke programme?

  • How much time will disabled staff have to commit to complete Calibre?

  • Is Calibre an accredited Programme?

  • How do I get in touch?

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All these questions and many other can be best answered by talking to the Calibre Team. 

You can get in touch with us by phone or, preferably, email and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

Contact us now and see what we can do for you or your Organisation.

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